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These appointments are for those who would like to do some supervised sessions with our team based on their treatment/training plan that we create from your assessments. 

We find people learn a lot about how to train themselves and also improve greatly with the support of our Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists. It is a very inclusive environment and we work on improving strength, fitness and confidence. 

This is perfect for those who are not ready to join a gym or train at home. 

We recommend starting with your assessment, moving into a personal session until ready to join our small group programs 

Appointments linked:

Personal session 30 or 45 minutes 

  • Choose this appointment if you have already had a ‘Comprehensive Clinical Assessment’ and you would like a follow up appointment perhaps to review your home or gym program or you may prefer a personal supervised exercise session each week. 
  • We also recommend a personal session or reassessment for anyone who has seen us before but has a new injury or concern.

Small Group sessions 

  • Our small group exercise sessions are based on your individual plan and supervised in a group of 2-5 people there are plenty of group sessions running throughout the week.

Our Pricing

Personal Follow Up/Exercise Sessions


Personal Follow Up/Exercise Sessions


Group exercise session