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Our Cardio fitness test is an integral assessment when trying to program safe and effective cardiorespiratory based exercise to enhance your fitness starting at any level.

It is also a very powerful tool to give us an understanding of your current health and planning your health outlook. 

During the test we will assess your blood pressure, heart rate and ECG before, during, at peak exercise as well as monitoring your recovery post exercise. 

This tells us if your system is performing as it should and whether a certain exercise intensity is safe for you. 

This test is perfect for patients with diagnosed chronic diseases of all types including heart issues such as heart disease, heart failure, high blood pressure etc. If there are abnormalities found we will report this back to your health practitioner and give advice on further possible medical assessments prior to beginning a program.

It is also a great tool for runners/cyclists/team sport fitness testing. 

This test can be completed on our ‘Keiser’ spin bikes or using a ‘Step test’. At the end of the test you will be shown how you went, what your Vo2peak, heart rate peak and METs is and what this means for you in terms of health and performance. We can then make specific recommendations for programming cardio into your routine.

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Cardio Fitness Test